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 Offshore International Company

Litigation, government seizures, lost privacy, pursuit by creditors, forced heirship - these are just some of the reasons why you need to protect and preserve your assets.

Offshore bank account and asset protection trust is simply the process of shielding your assets against future claims and the use of an offshore bank account is one of the most common ways of achieving this goal. However, offshore trusts are also widely used as part of a variety of tax and investment planning structures.

Mauritius Ltd

Why Mauritius Ltd?
The Mauritius Offshore Business Activities Act 1992 requires that all information and documentation received be kept secret and confidential and assets protection abroad again letigation.

Offshore Bank Account Opening

A flexible international current account, for day to day banking.

  • Available in sterling, US dollars or euro
  • 24 hour phone and internet banking
  • Internationally accepted debit card in sterling or US dollars
  • Chequebook in sterling or euro
  • International money transfers at reduced rates (via Internet Banking)
  • Regular payments by standing order
  • No account opening fee*
  • Minimum balance US$ 5000, £5000, or 5000,
    Overdraft available on request Apply for an Offshore Bank Account.

*There's no account opening fee for our Offshore Bank Account. However a minimum relationship balance of $5000 (or currency equivalent) must be maintained, to prevent a $10 monthly service charge from being applied to your account.

Types of Accounts

 Multi-currency The multi-currency feature of the account denotes supporting the balances of different currencies within the same account and the possibility of using one currency to effect payments in another. It is ideal for customers who need transactions in various currencies. The bank pays interest on positive account balances in US dollars and Euro.

 As a customer of the bank: * You can maintain any account balance, and deposit funds into your account at any time by wire transfer. A minimum balance is not established in multi-currency accounts;

 * You may keep your funds in any currency the bank operates in and may request the automatic exchange of incoming funds into any currency, for example, into US dollars;

 * You can make wire transfers from your multi-currency account in any hard and lot of soft currencies. To make the transfer the bank may automatically convert funds from currency (or currencies) you have on the account into currency of transfer.

 With a multi-currency account you can receive account statements from the baank by mail or email. With Banking Online Service you can make any transaction, examine your account balance and receive account statements for any period 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Savings account

 The savings account has the same features as the multi-currency account - your money is available whenever you need it. And it gives you more! The advantage of a savings account is a higher interest rate. The savings account requires:

 * a minimum average monthly balance of US$ 5,000;

 * the number of transfers limited to six per month.

 Interest is payable only on accounts that meet all requirements. With a savings account you can receive account statements from the bank by mail or email. With Banking Online Service you can make any transactions, examine your account balance and receive account statements for any period 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Savings Deposits Account

 We currently offer three types of deposits:
- Term deposit account with interest payable on maturity
- Term deposit 'Rentier' with interest payable monthly
- Savings deposit account

 * Savings deposit account is an account opened for a specified period of time. The main advantage of this type of deposit is the possibility to add money to the opened deposit account voluntarily, i.e. several times within each month. But the total amount you can add within a month is limited to the volume of initial deposit you made when opened the savings deposit account.

 * the number of transfers limited to six per month.

 You may choose any deposit period from 3 months up to 36 months, and the Bank will pay you the best interest rate possible. The accumulated deposit amount and interest earned will be paid to your current account the day following the maturity date.

If the deposit is terminated by the client before maturity date, the interest will not be paid and accumulated deposit amount returned to the client within a week after termination. You can apply for a loan at the bank using funds in deposit accounts as collateral.

Offshore Banking as an IBC or Mauritius Foundation

 We incorporate IBCs in the highest rated tax havens and facilitate the opening of offshore bank accounts for asset protection, tax free offshore investing, and financial privacy.

Offshore Incorporation of an IBC - International Business Companies

If you are not ready to leave your high-tax nation as an expatriate, you can benefit from moving your money to a tax free, secure, and private banking tax haven using an IBC.

Offshore Asset Protection Using a Mauritius Foundation or IBC

A Mauritius Foundation is a superior asset protection entity because once assets have been transferred to the Mauritius Foundation no one can make a claim against the Foundation.1 Even a collection agency with a judgement against you in hand cannot make a claim against a Mauritius Foundation.

Offshore Online Bank Accounts

If you want a secure, encrypted Internet banking account, we have great contacts for helping to open a multi-currency account online quickly in the Caribbean or Europe. Anonymous offshore banking is rapidly disappearing, but can still be obtained at a premium.

Tax Haven Countries Around the World

We use IBCs for offshore banking in tax haven jurisdictions such as  Mauritius, Switzerland, Bahamas, Belize, Panama, Antigua, Canada, Nevada to name a few. We can offer a vast wealth of experience in picking a suitable tax haven country for your stated objectives.

Mauritius Private Foundations

The Mauritius Charitable Foundation is a non-profit legal-entity originating in Lichtenstein, like a non-profit company, that does not have shares (or owners) but can own an IBC and offshore investments. The Swiss civil-law hybrid acts like an Offshore Trust but is superior in tax preferred treatment, security, and flexibility.

Offshore Trusts and Asset Protection Trusts

Offshore Trusts should not be used for tax saving purposes for most people, however they still have powerful tax-neutral asset protection benefits and have exceptional estate planning attributes for holding family wealth safely and securely from creditors, litigation or other attacks.

Visa Credit Card and Anonymous Cirrus Debit Card

Secured credit cards and loadable debit cards are a convenient way to access funds using an ATM machine or at point-of-sale purchases. Offshore merchant accounts are available to accept credit card payments.

Offshore Investments - Tax-Free

We do not offer or endorse any Offshore Investments. We can provide referrals to ones that clients tell us are worth recommending. This is not to be construed as a solicitation for securities in any way, shape or form. See our Disclaimer. Contact us if you are interested by secure email.

Offshore Merchant Account and Offshore Web Hosting

We can open an European offshore merchant account within 24 hours to accept USD. GBP. or EUR. for $50. Better yet, we can host your (clean) product offering from an offshore web hosting server so the contractual "offer and acceptance" plus the payment processing are completed offshore with freedom from tax and other red-tape in your home country.

Offshore Banking Privacy

We select banks that offer PGP encryption for your military-grade private communications. Our Offshore Banking Glossary terms